annie lu


Hi, this is Annie (◕_◕✿) I’m a queer artist with a day job in tech! I love creating w/ all sorts of mediums, especially pottery & drawing. My 2024 goal is to approach art wholeheartedly, sharing new sides of myself and exploring new themes (tenderness, resilience, healing)!

  • What’s your sign? — Pisces ♊️ March 1999
  • Where do you live? Seattle, Washington! I love it here
  • Where did you grow up? New Jersey
  • What’s your favorite beverage? golden green iced tea
  • Comfort comic to read? heat by jean wei and cherry crush!
  • Other interests? biking, tea, environmental justice, karaoke

Feel free to get in touch through socials or email!

  • insta: annielychee
  • email: luannie87 [at] gmail [dot] com

January 6, 2024