annie lu

the start of

why the domain name?
i used to have but some scalper has taken hostage of that domain. i’ve resorted to the next best thing—, which is an abbreviation of my name annie lu” & garden a space where u tend to the fruits and veggies of life.” (◕_◕✿)

i like the idea of a digital garden” over a blog,” because it feels a bit more everchanging/growing to me. you can also google the term lol

why a website?
i wanted to create a site to document my passions! i hope to share this site to open up opportunities that best align w/ me!
while there are some days i love social media. there are some days i’m a hater. ʕ •`ᴥ•´ʔ

i wanted my own platform, free of:

  1. the algorithm”
  2. media format limitations (stories, square posts, 1 minute videos, nah)
  3. the inevitable decline of an app (rip twitter as we know it) (rip 8tracks)

it also feels like I’m talking to void here, and i have the choice to share/broadcast it to whichever audience i want.

why this template/technology?
i wanted a timeless (boring) template, so that i don’t get the constant urge to change the design lol. and this site runs on makes it seamless to post, because it doesn’t have an unnecessary interface. instead it relies on connecting w/ google docs/dropbox/git to get your content! i like that extra step removed from the posting process, especially bc it fits seamlessly into my existing notes routine.

whats next?
so far we have a homepage, notes page, and shop link. this january, i’m gonna focus on setting up a projects page, which will include batches of ceramics, zine attempts, etc. eventually, i hope to have more lil tech projects, but my job is enough computer for now.

January 5, 2024